Friday, 1 April 2016

Swimming Sports

Swimming sports!!!
I was feeling excited when my awesome classroom and I went to the pools. I wanted to race down to the pool and up in but I was not allowed.
I was feeling very!,  very! scared at the same time I was feeling down.
I could hear the kids shouting and yell ‘’go go go!’’. When I walked to the up to the diving board got a  bit scared.  I look down in the water, it looked so cold.
I could hear the all the kids and adults were cheering me on.I saw the teacher she was going to blow the big whistle
I could see kids racing of some kids were so fast I hope at I don't race them I think in my mind.
I could see birds singing. When I did backstroke. I don't  want to race the fast kids today I said. It was so much fun at Swimming Sports I hope I do it next year.

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